Our Services - Cycling

Want to test yourself and push your limits? 


We offer two types of tests for cyclists: on our SRM stationary ergometer for professional cyclists, or using your own bike which is mounted on a professional running treadmill that can reach a speed of 80 km/h and a 28% incline. The effort is increased gradually (every minute or every 5 minutes) until you reach your maximum level of effort (depending on age, gender and fitness level).


Throughout the test we perform the following measurements: blood lactate or continuous VO2 monitoring during incremental cycling test. Both can include EMG measurements of your muscle performance.


The EMG (electromyography) electrodes are placed on the lower extremity muscles of the cyclists and aim to assess how the muscles function during the cycling test. The feedback from the electrodes provides information for the biomechanist on how the muscles function between sides and in relation to each other. Which muscles are active when during the pedal cycle, if there are any asymmetries and whether certain muscles are compensating for the lack of activity in other muscles. Identifying muscle activity provides feedback to improve cycling performance and aid in the prevention of injuries.


An off the bike movement assessment is also performed during the cycling testing to assess flexibility, strength and functional movement performance. Identification of weak, tight or dysfunctional muscle movement patterns aids in providing corrective recommendations for improved performance and injury prevention.


The combined test results can provide meaningful information regarding metabolic efficiency, cycling economy, anaerobic endurance, and suggested training zones for you and your coach.


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